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Top Richest Football Leagues In The World Right Now

by Nurul Mostak

10. Major League Soccer (MLS)

Founded:       1993

Country:         United States

9. Primeira Liga

Founded:       1934

Country:         Portugal

8. Dutch Eredivisie

Founded:       1956

Country:         Netherlands

7. Superliga Argentina

Founded:       1891

Country:         Argentina

6. Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

Founded:       1959

Country:         Brazil

5. Ligue 1

Founded:       1930

Country:         France

4. Serie A

Founded:       1898

Country:         Italy

3. Bundesliga

Founded:       1963

Country:         Germany

2. La Liga

Founded:       1929

Country:         Spain

1. English Premier League

Founded:       1992

Country:         England

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