People need work to survive. People cannot survive without work. Because a characteristic of the human body is like a characteristic of iron – if the iron is left behind, it starts getting rusted on it for some reason, just like if the living body of the human is gone, the body gradually deteriorates.

Many of us don’t want to work or outsource our work. For this, let’s push ourselves. But it is a loss for us. Because if you work, your body will be fine. You have to work, or you will lose yourself. It is enough to do what is good for the body. Just make sure that no accidents happen at work.

Human resources are needed to do anything. Humans are the only creatures on earth who have to work to survive. People are not born learning to work. Humans learn to work after birth. So it can be said that all work is possible by man because man has created all kinds of work since the beginning of the world. So it is not generally possible that one person can do the same thing but another person cannot. But it is better if it is taught to a person from childhood. When a person is taught something new after growing up, it takes a long time to learn and do it. But it is possible not at all.

If you keep the birds in a cage from a young age, they will not be able to fly well. They will learn to survive only by eating cage food.

“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.”


They will not learn anything about gathering food from outside. Birds that learn to fly in the sky from a young age to survive have skills in collecting food and living outside the house.

If a person is confined in a particular place, he gradually becomes violent, helpless, and hopeless; he doesn’t learn to socialize. As in the case of animals and birds, the same is true of boys and girls. Boys who are allowed to stay away from girls are slightly more attracted to girls. If people want to live socially, they have to mix with people. They should be trained for work without feeding them. Humans are social beings. Food is needed to live, work is required for food, and sociability is necessary for work.

Many wealthy parents don’t allow their children to work because they think that life is after them and then they have to work and eat, so now we do. This is an entirely wrong idea. Children should be allowed to do some work, including housework, from 12/18 years onwards. It will not harm them, but they will learn a lot. And if it is going outside to do some work, they will learn socialization, mix with people, know people, understand bargaining, and improve their analytical ability. We do for our children now and then, and we do for them by thinking about the future and wanting to pay or keep or save money so that they don’t suffer in the future.

From this point of view, what we are doing now is more significant than what we are doing in the future.

Let’s say if I only eat cow milk; then I should keep that cow carefully & not do anything to harm the cow.

To say something like – cow is afraid of any work, not to feed any bad food which can make cow sick, placed in a place where cows cannot live well if we do not care the cow, it will not give milk, etc. If we take all the milk out of the cow, think about the future of the children and slaughter cows so that our children can eat healthily and live soon. Is that possible? That meat or milk can eat our children at all? There is maybe a little possibility for short days. But it is never possible for long term time.

We all know the story of the Scorpion in the Bottle and the Butterfly in Shiv Khera’s book.

Each work is unique. So not all work can be done in the same way. Some jobs require more talent; some jobs require more workforce. It is generally said that the number of people in the world who are well-educated, skilled in thinking, experienced, and intelligent at the same time in a person is relatively less. So most of us do more physical work.

In a small scientific study, According to researchers, humans can think about 60,000 thoughts a day, and it would take 70 days to complete the amount of work a human can believe in a day. That is, (on average) 70 hours are required to complete the amount of work that one person can think of in 1 hour. Again, a skilled man can manage 70 people with sound thinking and planning. That is, 1.41% of professional people are needed for planning or managing with intelligence, and 98.59% of skilled people are needed for physical work or implementing plans.

He does the work, which seems easy to him. It doesn’t take much time for people to learn to work if he wants to know the job. What people need to learn to work is training.

“It is possible to cut almost everything with a knife but no matter how sharp it is, but that requires proper use of human power.”

Shaniul Alam Shanil

In the world, there are people of different tribes, different castes, different castes different religions, among whom other people speak different languages. Some of them are more intelligent, some less. Some are getting more benefits, some are less, some are a little more active, and some are a little comfortable. There are many differences between you. We also see two sons of the same parents doing the same thing and trying to run the stomach. But 1 of them is earning crores of rupees by doing that work. Others can’t do anything. Again, one person has become a millionaire by dishonest means, but another person cannot do anything, even with honesty. Or one person has become a millionaire by honest means, but the other is unable to do anything, even by dishonesty.

In this way, if we see people from many angles, we can see that people’s work differs. Just as different people do the same thing in different ways, the same person does the same thing in different ways at other times. No one’s work style or characteristics are the same. Some have to work more, some less. But work must be done.

For example, suppose a factory’s job is to cut 700 kg of paper daily into a particular shape. One hundred people work in that factory, but only one person or a few can do the paper-cutting job well. So what work will be done by just one or more people than one? And everyone else will sit?

No, what usually happens or should be done is that one or two people together teach the rest of the work. They will work together and monitor the rest because there is no separate language, religion, caste, color, or caste. If one person can do a job, if it is explained well and taught to others, and if someone wants to do it, he can learn, maybe 19/20. After this, if one cannot do any work, he can be assigned another work that the person is willing or able to do.

There was a time in the world when each caste had a specific function. For example, the black race was once used by the white race only for house cleaning and cleaning.

Work results depend on people’s work skills, experience, intelligence, work ideas or rules, self-education, character traits, strength, talent, and other things. Among these things that can be changed are education and training. But the most crucial thing if you want good results is the environment. Environment refers to the working environment and the environment to work.

“Gold never shines in the dark,
It requires a minimum amount of light though.”

Shaniul Alam Shanil

Whether a person is bad or good depends on the environment in which he comes out and his condition at that time (by which man satisfies his basic needs). So at this stage, we can say that if a person is brought up from childhood in a good environment with good education and at the right time he can be trained for work and work rules, then any man will be able to work because everyone has the right to live. So everyone has the right to work. Because if you don’t work, no one will give you food for the rest of your life, but you need food to live.

There are rules for adequately doing a job. Similarly, people have different rules and regulations for doing every job. If the laws and regulations are not followed, it can lead to many difficulties, accidents, and premature death.

Now, if we consider wrong or immoral actions, if we look at those who are engaged in sinful activities, it will be seen that, in most cases, their environment and lack for them to come on the wrong path. Lack can be anything. A lack of money can also be a lack of love. But there are some things that when people get more, people’s needs increase or, in a sense, that person lacks something mentally. For example, when people have more money, people want it more, and in most cases, they start engaging in harmful activities.

In many places, child labor is observed without regard to age. On the other hand, even if someone has passed the working age, they are not being given or getting work. As a result, those of working age are outnumbered by the unemployed. Family or family situation is getting worse. We all know that child labor is unsuitable for the country and its people. When children earn money and see others not making it, they naturally do not respect them. Also, if they work while going to school or college, the quality of their education will deteriorate. The desire to earn money is more than the desire to study, so they give more priority to work. Children employ a class of people because they are paid less than adults. There are many unemployed people in developed countries. You are not getting a good job even if you have work skills. In a country where many people are unemployed, excellent and proper rules of child labor and labor for the elderly must be made and followed. If followed, the quality of education will be correct. Those of the right age for work will also get a job. If everything goes right, the ethical and social aspects will be pleasing. If there is labor for children and older people, it must be fixed for a specific age and a specific amount of time and money. However, there may be exceptions in some cases. It should consent to some issues, especially if there is no one to earn in the family or something like that.

We see in many families that one of three or four brothers is unemployed. That is, no business does trade or employment. He takes care of his parents from home and helps them with their work. It is not that he is not doing anything because what he is doing is also work. On the one hand, he is doing the best he can. Because taking care of parents is a great job. If he did not give full time to his parents or was busy with other work, then others might have to show that time to his parents.

Not everyone is a good performer in an organization. Some people work, and others struggle with credit. There is a figure of 80% and 20% in business terminology. 20% of people always do good things. 80% of people may do nothing. Again, it is said that if 20% of the total customers of a restaurant are regular customers or clients, then the business will never be lost.

But if 80% of the people are not working, then very few organizations can see the face of success. Or it can be said – the amount of work or performance of a person or employee is less than 20%, that means proper output is not coming, then he should either be trained or put to other work or be dropped. So this aspect must be taken care of.

We can equate a family to a society or an institution. Again if we think about an organization or a community and think about the country, then we will see a very similar structure.

I knew a person with a mental health condition (40-45 years) who lived under a roadside tree about 3 km from our house for about 3-4 years. While searching for him, I heard he had been crazy since childhood, so his family admitted him to a mental hospital, but later the hospital authorities could not find his family. He later escaped from the hospital. However, he would not eat properly. We tried to help him little by little. He would not take money or anything else and eat anything except fish and rice. But we could not go there and help him every day. A few of us planned to catch some fish one day from the river where he lives and cook it in front of him so that he could learn. We did this for two days. He didn’t talk much. One day, we saw him trying to catch fish in the river himself. Although that day we helped him catch fish. Later I heard that he tried, but I don’t know if he could see it. But the others grab him with fish, and the madman cooks himself. No matter how it happened, sick people caught fish and tried to cook it. Not only that, his hair made us think he hasn’t combed his hair for 15-20 years. People around said the same thing. So we bought him a comb and oil and showed him how to use a hair comb to teach him. A few days later, when I met him, I saw that he had combed his hair, but it was a little messy like him. And that day, he was smiling at us for the first time.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
Only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate,
Only love can do that.”

Martin Luthar king

A feeling of magnetism works in all objects. Some are plus, and some are minus. Now iron has this positive feeling, which I call a magnetic moment. All such people have a feeling at work for every action. Some are good, and some are bad. We take plus who is good and minus who is terrible. So for this magnetic moment, if the iron is kept for some time or rubbed a lot, the iron becomes a permanent weak magnet. In the same way, many of us know that when a wrong person is among many good people, his humanity gradually improves. So it can be said that if a few unskilled people work among many skilled people, they slowly become skilled.

Another thing is that many excellent or skilled people want to avoid insufficient or inefficient people. They think if any accident happens or if someone misbehaves with them. This rarely happens.

When I was studying in Cantonment, I saw people outside; no matter how fast they drive, any vehicle entering the Cantonment must follow the speed limit. I knew a boy who went very severely and fast on the road. But when he came to the streets inside the Cantonment, it became customary for him to drive as other people drive.

It has already been said that 80% of people do bad things because of their environment or lack of education or because they can’t do anything for survival, so they choose this path.

Just as no job is small, not everyone can do it well. History shows that there were different races or tribes worldwide who specialized in certain other activities. Egypt had a national expert in building the pyramids. A specific caste works for the purification of urine in Bangladesh. But not everyone in a nation will do the same thing well. They should be trained first according to their choice. Not that your brother or sister will be good at the same job. Everyone works differently because people’s work depends on people’s skills and interests.

If we help people, it is better to teach them how to lay eggs than to give them golden eggs. Because, as the saying goes, the king’s wealth will run out one day or another.

Help does not mean that if you want to help 1000$, divide 1000 people by 1$. Help means sharing this $1000 with one or more people, but it should be fully supported for each person. If there are more miserable people, do it to be shared among as few people as possible. You should not pay only one person. Help according to your ability so that whoever you help does go to others for help later. Instead, the reverse can help other people.

Everything in the world has a reason. Each thing has different characteristics and a religion. If we ignore them and do the opposite, then naturally, we are in trouble. Doing for the future does not mean we have to do everything. For this, without thinking about others and understanding the good and the bad, we should not think of ourselves and claim ownership. Nature cares for everyone. Man is created so that if he tries to get more than he needs or claims anything in any unfair way, he will get into trouble later. For example, eating such excessive amounts of food causes various diseases in people. Every job is like that. You can stay healthy and happy by doing what you need. If there are three people in your family, you need to build housekeeping with three people in mind. People who don’t live by building huge houses feel lonelier there. You put a lot of money in the bank so your children can enjoy that money. But while running towards earning that money, you did not do the needed work. Maybe you couldn’t raise your child. What will you do then? If you save money for them, it won’t do anything or give value. Instead, they will keep you in turmoil like inhuman.

Without proper education, people can do many bad things. There is no guarantee that you or I will live tomorrow. What to do with so much money there? If you earn money for your children, then the money is in addition to a small income, excluding a lot of income, and if you give them a proper and good education, they will be able to take care of themselves, their parents, and their children.

Many of us teach children not to give school tiffin box food to anyone. Is this a good lesson? If this is what we offer, how can parents expect help from their children in their old age? Instead, we should teach these children to share their food with others. If your food is deficient, then it is different. But this time, if none of your friends has eaten, you should always share with your friends. Children will learn to provide and deliver to you if you teach them to give. Everything is like that. If children are taught to love people, they will love others. Others will love him too. When you teach children or others good things, they will feel good about you. Children’s love will increase for others and you if you prepare to love. Good is born from interest.

For example, if we discuss the pros and cons of the Rohingyas and how to overcome the problems with international aid in the interest of our country. Can we send them back? Will Myanmar take them?

However, the country’s people should be thought of first because they have rights. Care must ensure the country’s people do not get into trouble.

The government should pay more attention to them for the country’s sake, the people of the country, and the future of the Rohingya, and have to plan and take practical steps for it. Naturally, the people of a developing country like ours would not want to keep them. Not our country; no developed country will accept the people of other countries like this. There are still many people in the villages of our country who are very poor. They cannot meet their own basic needs adequately. If the Rohingyas cannot be sent, they should be kept so that they do not harm the people of our country in any way.

It should be through international financial aid or international punishment from Myanmar. If the Rohingyas cannot be returned later, they will have to stay in Bangladesh. If they can’t return, they will ask for Bangladeshi citizenship once their numbers are high. If we have to keep them, then we make them efficiently so that even if Myanmar does not take them later, our country benefits a lot from them. Keep training them and try to send them back to their country. They should be given training and education so that they do not consider this country as their own and do not attack the people of Bangladesh for citizenship. Sex education should be given to them, and arrangements should be made so they cannot have more than 1-2 children. If we don’t have all kinds of measures, including socialization for them from now later, they will become more aggressive. Children should be given humane ‍and moral education along with education. Once their numbers increase, it won’t be easy to control them.

Through various international organizations, Rohingya or Bangladesh will never get help for a lifetime. Therefore, Rohingyas should be given multiple pieces of training in the camps from now. Then whatever announcement comes later, the Rohingyas can work and eat for them.

It is difficult for a developing country like Bangladesh to take these steps. It is suitable for our country if the unemployed people of the country can be directly employed in various jobs here. All the Rohingyas will be able to mix with the people of our country. By doing that, it will be easy for Bangladeshis and Rohingyas to mix directly, and later there will be no gap in communication. Numerically it could be 25%+/- of Rohingyas.

The foreign aid organizations are on the side of the Rohingyas; it is possible if there is a reasonable planning working period for a lengthy contract interval.

If the Rohingyas are not taken back by Myanmar, we can use them in all the activities our country is famous for or good at. Also, if any of them is good at any work and if there is any improvement in our country or Rohingya by doing that work, it can also be done. We can use the Rohingyas instead of sitting them down so that they become a fully functional group. And if we need financial help for this, many human rights organizations abroad seem to help. We can arrange various jobs for them in the Bhasan Char area.

a) Bangladesh is well known for buying old ships. Rohingya people can be utilized as shipwrecks.

b) Rohingya women can be employed in agriculture/ jute/ tea/ livestock rearing or garments.

c) They can be trained in nursing.

d) They can be trained in making handicrafts.

If we apply sustainable development goals to them and examine them and make a long-term agreement with the help of international organizations, then maybe it will be possible to stay away from violence and bad human behavior among the Rohingyas.

If we compare this discussion with the Sustainable Development Goals, we can see:

(1) No Poverty: The Rohingya will be better off than they are now. If you plan something better like this or with it, it will get permanent good results.

(2) Zero Hunger: They don’t have to face more food shortages. If such a good plan is implemented, there will be no food shortage in the future. 

(3) Good Health and Well-being: their health must be good if there will not be poverty and hunger.

(4) Quality Education: They will be educated if the path is followed.

(5) Gender Equality: If they will be educated, we can hope they will must aware of gender equality.

(6) Clean Water and Sanitation: They will become more aware of Clean Water and Sanitation through education and a good environment.

(7) Affordable and Clean Energy,

(8) Decent Work and Economic Growth,

(9) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure,

(10) Reducing Inequality,

(11) Sustainable Cities and Communities,

(12) Responsible Consumption and Production,

(13) Climate Action,

(14) Life Below Water,

(15) Life on Land,

(16) Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions,

(17) Partnerships for the Goals.

It has been so long that they have not been taken back. We have left them in a corner. A developing country like ours can’t do anything more significant than this. But with the help of other countries, can’t they do something better? If doing this good thing, if we create job opportunities for some people, what is the problem? Will Myanmar take them back? Will they stay in our country? Will they stay like this? If this is the case, what will they do in the future?

Many NGOs from foreign countries are helping them. But will it last a lifetime, or is it sustainable?

If you are given two options:

  1. My hen lays one egg every day. You will come and take that egg.

2. The chicken will be given to you.

Which one would you take?

A person I know wanted to go abroad. He was a rich man. But I could not go after many attempts because there are many rules for this. IELTS, for example, is required.

This article written by Shaniul Alam Shanil

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