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Importance of Early Childhood Education | Primary School

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early childhood, early childhood education, preschool age, primary school, primary schools

It has long been appreciated that a high-quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) has tremendous potential for enlarging a child’s future educational success, particularly for kids of primary school age. The public primary school system continues to be neglected as a result of child care centers, kindergartens, and alternative preschool establishments are thriving within the massive cities, backed by a non-public sector.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

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Now a day children are forced to introduce preschool to very early life by the parents. Lessons should be a funny and exciting way so that children are encouraged in learning to strengthen their base from the early stages of life.

We should inspire children for learning with eagerness, fun, and enthusiasm. Early education starts from a child’s family or from a primary school teacher. Children’s early experiences in the bonds they form with their parents and their initial learning events deeply have an adverse effect on their future physical, cognitive, sentimental and social development.

Around the world, many children do not reach their full human potential. Their geographic location, family income, physical disability, or sexual orientation doesn’t allow them to do so. So they do not even receive adequate nutrition, care, and opportunities in their early life. 80 percent of brain development completes within primary school age. On the other hand, there are some non-communicable diseases of adulthood that refrain children to get pre-education.

Primary School

early childhood, early childhood education, preschool age, primary school, primary schools

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is preparation for primary school and also aims at the integrated development of a child’s solid foundation for lifelong well being. ECCE has the possibility to nurture loving, capable and responsible citizens. Teaching in a primary school plays a vital role in the child’s entire life. If one is interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education, the first step is to earn primary education in primary schools.

Children who receive proper care in their childhood achieve more success at school. The statistic shows that they have a higher percentage of employment, earnings, better health, and lower levels of crime rates.

The experiment shows that nurture in early life, as well as nature is important in early human development and that nurture within the early years has major effects on learning at school and physical & psychological state throughout the life cycle. Therefore, to increase the life skill of babies, parents have to be early childhood educators. Parents need to make their child listen, follow directions, and participate in group activities.

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