After reading this article you will learn when, how to use and which masks should use always for pollution and especially for infectious diseases like coronavirus, and avoid infection (according to WHO guidelines).


  1. When you are healthy, you need to wear a mask to stay away from a covid-19 infection suspected person.
  2. People who have sneezing or coughing should definitely use a mask.
  3. Mask is effective when it is used with frequent hand wash consisting of alcohol base hand wash or soap.
  4. Make sure to dispose of the used mask properly, as it could get other people infected with the covid-19 virus.


  1. Wash your hands with any handwash containing alcohol or soap and water.
  2. Cover nose and mouth properly with a mask. Don’t keep any gap between your face and the mask.
  3. Don’t touch your mask before cleaning your hands with a hand wash containing alcohol or soap and water.
  4. Change your mask when you feel it is getting damp. Don’t reuse this medical mask.
  5. Don’t remove your mask by touching the front of it rather remove it from behind. Dispose of it immediately in a trash can. Clean your hands with a hand wash containing alcohol or soap and water after disposing of the mask.


Cloth Masks –

These kinds of masks are made of different layers of tight woven texture like cotton. A cloth mask is planned to restrict respiratory drops that are released when the wearer speaks, coughs or sniffles. It also creates a barrier to shield the wearer from breathing in drops exhales by others. A mask with layers will prevent drops from getting passed through your mask or getting away from it.

Different layer texture fabric masks are amazing shields for containing respiratory drops and hindering viral transmission assuming they are worn appropriately, covering the mouth and nose in non-healthcare areas.

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Surgical Masks –

These types of masks are dispensable items that are usually worn on faces that make an actual obstruction between our mouth and nose of expected pollution in the polluted environment. Surgical masks are managed under 21 CFR 878.4040. These masks are not for sharing with others and might be named isolation, surgical, dental, or operation masks. They might accompany or without a face mask. These are now and then regulated as facial masks, as depicted above, albeit not all facial coverings are directed as surgical covers.

Surgical masks are made in various thicknesses and with various capacities to safeguard you from contact with fluids.

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N95 Masks –

N95 respirators provide a more significant level of filtration than cloth material or surgical masks. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to protect someone from viruses. To be effective, masks should be fit-tight and worn appropriately against any individual’s face.

N95 masks, Dräger masks, and Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) are utilized by clinical experts really focusing on patients with COVID-19, and while performing high-hazard or spray producing systems.

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KN95 Masks –

A KN95 mask is a sort of respirator that satisfies specific global guidelines. It offers more security and protection than a clinical or surgical mask does on the grounds that it filters through both large and small particles when the wearer breathes in.

KN95 masks give solid security against transmission of COVID-19. They function admirably in the light of the fact that they can filter through 95% of airborne particles. Specialists suggest wearing them at whatever point you are in crowded public places. You really must wear the mask appropriately to get the best result.

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Face Shields –

This mask is a kind of rigid, transparent plastic connected to a headband. Basically, it covers our face, stretching out underneath the chin. Face masks are utilized to protect the eyes, nose, mouth, and face from flying germs and fluids. They are not a decent substitute for facial masks since they don’t offer a similar assurance against COVID-19. Understand when they should be used, know their limits, and pay attention to directions from your nearby general health specialists.

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