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Today was a great day for me.

Today I have done everything with my heart and mind.

Today, I am completely satisfied with what I have learned, what I have understood, and what I have felt.

My body, my mind, my intellect, and my soul are completely calm.

What happened today was better than the days before, and the days ahead will be even better.

I am very happy & feeling very better.

I have no tension, no fear, and no barriers anymore.

I have no boundaries.

I am free from all kinds of dangers.

The whole world is helping me to become a better person.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for learning something new every day.

And I’m ready to learn something new from tomorrow.

My thought and my position are different from anyone that’s why can’t be compared to anyone.

I am not just this body, I am the whole world and all the energy of the world in me.

I’m going to relive from all the bad stuff inside me.

My mind is becoming the calmest and filled with peace.

I can hear everything inside me and I find peace within myself.

I hope that whatever problems I have in my life today will be the cause of my success tomorrow.

When I exhale, the bad thoughts go away with it and when I breathe in, they turn into good thoughts.

Everything that happens to me is for good.

I enjoy spending time with myself.

The goal of my life is to follow my mind.

I love everybody and everyone loves me.

I have no complaints against anyone.

I have been able to forgive those who have done bad things to me, knowingly or unknowingly.

I have been able to forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made in the past.

My focus is not on the past but on the future.

I have plans for what I have to do tomorrow.

I am fully prepared to achieve every goal.

I am very thankful for what I have today.

Everything that is happening in my life is becoming so beautiful and whatever happens, will be great.

Everyone wishes the best for me, I wish the best for everyone.

I have love and compassion for everyone.

The only thing I want from my heart is for everyone to be well, to be healthy, to think rightly, and to be happy.

I am now going to sleep and putting all my thoughts away.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up with a new life and start working.

Now is the time to relax.

My body, my mind, my intellect, and my soul are completely calm. Calm.. calm…

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