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How To Tie A Tie

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Step: 1

Fit the tie around your collar with the inner face and the thicker edge to your left, a few inches shorter than your desired closing position.

Step: 2

Bring the thick end horizontally across the front of the thin end, and then pass it back horizontally behind the thin end.

Step: 3

Pass the thick end again across the front of the knuckle from left to right side.

Step: 4

Then pass the thick end again behind the knot horizontally from right to left side.

Step: 5

Nail the front of the knuckle from left to right, then pass the thick edge. Slip a finger under this third horizontal loop.

Step: 6

Bring the end of the thick turn out to be underneath the loop around your collar and feed it up in the back of the knot, down over the front of the knuckle and through that third horizontal loop.

Step: 7

Pull the thick end through the horizontal loop and covered it down.

Step: 8

Adjust the tie by pressing the knot in one hand and gently pulling the other end into a thin end.

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