A good posture keeps you healthy on the other hand a bad posture can make you ill. You should make a posture assessment and try to improve your posture.

We know you spend hours at the gym. Sometimes, you go for long walks and even follow a certain kind of diet. You’re working very hard! After all, getting a great posture assessment isn’t that easy.

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Organize Your Workstation

We frequently go through 8 to 10 hours in our working environment. In the event that your activity includes a computer, you gaze at a screen, some of the time bowing nearer to take a gander at it. On the off chance that you need to grow a great stance, this propensity needs to go. You can start by adjusting the screen at eye level. Use a laptop or desktop stands to achieve this. It may seem insignificant, but you’d be surprised how tiny adjustments can help you. There is more to a good posture than just working out make a posture assessment. Arranging a workstation will help you sit with a proper pose. All you would need to do is hold that posture. On that note, let’s go to the next point.

Maintain Your Posture

The posture you as a rule decided to keep is the one that stays with you. So on the off chance that you can figure out how to hold your optimal posture each day, posture assessment would gradually turn into your habit.  It may seem like a very simple thing to do but it is not a very easy task. Especially if you have a tendency to lean back or forward. In that case, we would suggest that you make a habit of sitting or standing in a relaxed position. The sooner you get used to it, the easier it will be for you to get good posture. We must warn you though, maintaining good posture is harder than getting to that pose. So you would have to be patient and not give up if you fail to hold this position in the beginning. It won’t be easy. In fact, it will be very uncomfortable. Don’t give up though. Keep trying! Who knows? You may very well accomplish your objective.

Avoid Wearing Heels

At whatever point you wear heels, your body needs to straighten out itself. This is so you can deal with your equalization better. Lamentably, wearing heels likewise influences the way you walk, stand, or sit. Remembering that, we would recommend that you abstain from wearing heels. In case you really like wearing them, maybe you can reserve them for special occasions. Just don’t wear them regularly, otherwise, it will become harder for you to get your ideal posture. This is acceptable for both males and females, as even some men’s shoes have high heels. If you want to ditch those shoes, you can opt for a flatter kind. There are many types of shoes starting from loafers to sneakers and formals. Maybe you can wear those. Don’t want to compromise on your heels? Well, you don’t have to. There are many other options in this video, just like the next one.

Sleep The Right Way

You may incline toward resting on your back. Or on the other hand, maybe you’re a side sleeper. Both of these techniques aren’t right if your back isn’t straight. Your head should be in an agreeable position as well. Thus, your spine will become accustomed to the posture. Continue doing this consistently so as to get results. If you sleep on your back, avoid sleeping with a fluffy mattress. Instead, use a firm one that will help you position your body and head properly. If you sleep on your side, you can achieve the same thing by going for a mattress that is neither firm nor fluffy. Since we are on the topic of sleep, you can check out our video, “How to Fall Asleep in 5 Minutes With These Simple Techniques.” You will get an in-depth analysis of how many factors come into play in order to catch some Z. Anyway, getting back to our video, in case you have trouble keeping your body in posture while sleeping, try the next point after posture assessment.

Train Your Muscles

Presently we aren’t looking at hitting the rec center, yet different things like Tai chi and Yoga. While hitting the exercise center is unquestionably significant, we shouldn’t walk out on other elective choices. Yoga, specifically, has been seen as accommodating in accomplishing great body posture. This is mainly because of the different poses that you have to take while doing Tai Chi. these poses will help you to get a proper posture. On the other hand, Yoga helps you by relaxing the muscles. It has been proven in a study that Yoga helps to make the muscles more flexible. Usually, flexible muscles are easier to get into the posture you want. This is mainly because stiff muscles are hard. They are also susceptible to muscle cramps. As a result, it would be better if you start either Yoga or Tai Chi. Oh, and these exercises also have other benefits. For example, tai chi can help with blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular problems. Alright, let’s get to the next point.

Do Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a natural function for us. Unfortunately, due to air pollution or allergies, many people don’t get to inhale air properly. For people like that breathing exercises would prove to be a good way to relieve themselves. Breathing exercises help to clean up nasal tracts, which help you breathe better. This will help your body to inhale more oxygen. As such, your body will be more relaxed and it would be easier to get into the posture assessment you did. Just don’t try to invent your own breathing exercises. Go to someone who knows about these exercises and learn it from them. Breathing exercises put pressure on our chest, nose, and lungs. So it is always better to learn them properly. Wait, we aren’t done yet! Before we add more, check out our video where we list the reasons why you always feel tired. Enough of that, time to talk about the next point.

Sitting In A 135-Degree Angle

There are many times when you might have preferred to sit on your back. Well, you can actually consider it as experts believe that sitting 135-degrees is good for your posture and your back. Many of you likely changed to 90 degrees thinking it seemed straighter. When you force yourself to sit at a 90-degree angle, it will never stay that way. After a few days, you will feel the urge to bend forward a little bit. That way you will not be able to reach your goal of getting a good posture. So make sure that you practice sitting at a 135-degree angle every day. Do you find sitting at 135-degrees a bit too hard? Then you can definitely try one of the other methods we have talked about. Breathing exercises and straining muscles can be good alternatives to sitting in a particular way. Moving on…

Holding Your Phone

Do you have a habit of leaning forward while sending a text message? If yes, it’s about time you changed that. When you do something like this, your body gets used to leaning forward. Resulting in a poor overall posture. Here’s something you can do instead. Take the phone in your hands and Hold it in front of your eyes level. Or lean back and use it. The idea is to make sure you don’t lean forward. Leaning back at around 135-degrees could be very helpful as we have already mentioned. Another thing we recommend is that you try to limit your screen time. We are already living around enough screens at the moment. If all you do is sit in front of a screen, it’s not just your posture that will be negatively affected. It will also hurt your vision. So use your screens properly folks.

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