Inflatable bed rails and furniture straps are two popular baby safety products, but there are many more. Among them are Adhesive locks and cushioned corner guards. There is also a variety of other safety products for babies, including a color video monitor. But how do you choose the right ones? This article will provide you with some basic information. And it’s sure to save you some money, too.

Inflatable bed rails

Inflatable bed rails for baby safety are a great option for parents who don’t want to put up with the hassle of sturdier alternatives. These rails can be placed under the fitted sheet and have non-slip strips on them to prevent them from sliding. There are many benefits to using this type of rail for your baby, so make sure to check them out. For more information on these rails, visit Ashtonbee.
These bed rails are made of an inflatable material and are great for traveling or at home. They prevent babies and toddlers from rolling off the bed and provide gentle resistance to encourage them to move away from the edge. Because they are lightweight, they’re easy to pack and use in the crib. They also feature an easy-to-use foot pump for easy inflation. Using one can make a huge difference when traveling.

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Furniture straps

Adding furniture straps to your home can prevent accidents, including your child’s accidental tipping over. These straps are easy to install and adjust to fit any piece of furniture. To install, simply locate and mark the wall studs and then measure the height of your furniture. Then, place the straps according to the height of the wall studs. Once the straps are on the furniture, pull the furniture up to remove any slack, and replace them if necessary.
Another solution is to anchor large furniture to walls. Furniture items are often used as a jumping platform or a way to access objects. Small children can easily tip over furniture and hurt themselves. Furniture wall straps from Safety 1st help you secure large furniture to walls, and are very easy to install. They also come with installation instructions to ensure a safe anchoring system. And because these straps are easy to install, you can use them as frequently as you wish.

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Adhesive locks

Magnetic or adhesive locks are a good option to keep cabinets and drawers off-limits to babies. Unlike traditional locks, these devices require a powerful magnetic key. These locks are easy to store and feature a visual indicator for added safety. Unlike traditional locks, they have a visual assurance from Safety First that they will stay in place. However, they are not as effective as magnetic locks. You should purchase one with a high-security rating if you’re unsure of its effectiveness.
The Goody adhesive lock kit is a popular choice for cabinet locks. It has adjustable straps that fit nearly anything with two sides. The kit contains ten straps and adhesive for installation. The straps are adjustable, so they’re perfect for tight drawers. They also come in dark brown, which makes them ideal for daycares. If you’re concerned about the size of your baby’s drawer, the Goody adhesive lock system has several sizes and colors available to fit the needs of your child.

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Cushioned corner guards

The best-cushioned corner guards for baby safety will protect your child from sharp corners. These soft corner protectors will absorb the impact of a child if they accidentally hit a corner. These corner guards will also blend in with your home decor and not stick out like a sore thumb. They are a must-have for a baby’s safety. However, you should be aware that these guards aren’t as effective as buffers.
You can choose between transparent furniture protectors and thick gel corner guards. The former is more expensive than the latter but offers more protection. Both protect your baby from the sharp corners of the furniture. They also come with edge protectors to prevent injury when a baby tries to eat something sharp. It’s the best choice for ensuring the safety of your little one. Cushioned corner guards are a great choice for ensuring your child’s safety and the health of you and your family.

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Multi-use child safety locks

Multi-use child safety locks are an easy and convenient way to lock cabinets and drawers. They are easily installed by peeling off stickers and fixing latches with no tools. These locks are also easy to remove without damaging the furniture or the child. If you do not want to keep them on, you can also roll them off with your fingers. They can be cleaned easily and reinstalled as needed with a mild soapy cloth.
Another type of child safety lock is the Outsmart Multi-Use Lock. Its decoy button helps prevent curious children from reaching dangerous content. It is a flexible strap with functional buttons placed in plain view. Parents will appreciate the ease of installation as this device is easy to install. You can also replace the lock when your child grows older. You can purchase the multi-use child safety locks from your local home improvement store.

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