Tension headache is one of the most common and irritating types of all headaches. Tension headache has no age range, commonly begins during puberty or youth, between 20-50 years ages people. When scalp muscles, neck, and shoulder become strained tension headache appears.

One of the most common problems is a headache that a doctor faces in his chamber. About 10 million people visit the doctor for a year because of a headache.

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Getting Rid Of Tension Headache

If you’ve got tension headaches once or twice every week this post can assist you to find some ways to get rid of tension headaches.


Among different causes of sleep, sleeplessness is the common problem responsible for headaches. Sleeping a bit longer may cause headaches in some people. Insomnia could another reason for a headache.

Take a stretch break

If someone needs to work on a desk in the office he needs to be sure to sit on a good neck and back posture. If one has to sit for a long time at a stretch he should take frequent breaks to move around. An appropriate setup at a workstation is a smart thought for making a difference reduce neck pain. Muscle contraction may trigger headaches. Phones headsets are good for decreasing significant neck contraction.

Try a Massage

Massage can help to relax and fix clenched muscles and can diminish stress or strain cerebral pains. Gently rub on the painful spot of the head with a finger for several seconds, take a bit of rest and repeat the process.

Drink some tea or coffee

(Have some hot tea, espresso, or something with a bit of caffeine in it. Headache pain could be eased if one takes it early enough. It can work as a pain reliever like acetaminophen. But don’t drink too much.


Acupuncture is another way that may provide temporary relief from chronic headaches. Needle therapy professionals utilize incredibly slender, dispensable needles that are easy with no inconvenience. The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture site gives references to clinical specialists who use needle therapy in their practices.


Special training is required for the Biofeedback technique and can reduce tension headaches. In this technique, a therapist attaches electrodes to the skin and detects electrical signals between neck and shoulder muscles. Try to perceive when you are becoming tensed and observe the ways of calming the muscles before they stiffen.

Eat Properly

If you’re not eating your meals properly, now it’s time to start over. Fueling the body from dawn to dusk can also help keep one’s headaches at bay. If you fail to have three meals in a day take a small number of biscuits or snacks at least. It will help you with reducing headaches.

You can learn more about the benefits of Yoga or Meditation

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