Watch the Video MORNING AFFIRMATIONS By Sandeep Maheshwari

Every morning when I hear something good, I see something good and think of something good. The chances are increasing of a good day for me. And when I feel good each time of every day, I make my life better.

That’s why I welcome every day with my heart. This day is the first day of my future life. I have confidence that this day is going to be one of the best days in my life.

Today I am very happy because I am sure something will happen that has never been before in my life.

Today I will learn something new, see something new, hear something new, think something new, and I will create something new.

Today I am feeling very good.

Whatever mistakes happened to me in the past knowingly or unknowingly or whatever the problems that have happened to me for this I forgive myself and everyone or everything.

I don’t pay attention to the past.

Today I have a clear plan about what I want to do. I am completely ready for achieving my goal. My mind is calm, and my attention is focused solely on my list of goals.

I think very positively. I strongly believe that whatever happens to me it’s good and healthy for me.

When I face any problem, I see it as the answer to anything in my life like to go forward, to know the rule of life or earth, and become stronger.

I am ready to face whatever challenge comes in front of me. I love to live on this earth. Inside and outside of my body is perfectly healthy.

My thinking is always ready and correct under any circumstances. Mentally I’m fully happy. Always I’m playing and laughing like a child.

My life is like a game to me. And I’m the expert player in this game.

The purpose of my playing is not to win or lose because it doesn’t matter to me.

The only purpose of playing is I want to make myself capable and expert to make sure that all the happiness in the world will come to me.

Today whatever I have and whoever is with me I’m very thankful to them from the depth of my heart. I have no shortage of anything.

I trust my ability. I have all power of the whole universe. I have full of energy inside me. Whatever it is, nothing can stop me from achieving my goal.

Nothing is impossible for me. Everything is possible. Whatever I can think of, I can do that all.

So let’s say I’m the greatest, I’m the greatest in the world.

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