Sometimes the dog behaves astonishingly, we don’t understand what’s wrong with them dogs understand something. The scientist tried to record brain activity, scientists took images of the brains of 13 dogs using a machine.

They were trained to lie on their machines to hear the voices of their instructors.

Brian Hare, a professor at Duke University, called the findings a “shocker”.

The image of the brain looks like the human brain. The left side of their brain is for processing words and the right side is for understanding tone and pitch. The study indicated dogs got the words and the way they are said. Meaningful words have different effects in both neutral and encouraging ways. Dogs can understand almost 165 words in any language. react best to short words, particularly words for certain letters like “T” or “R” that is why it can hear “Treat” from a distance away.

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Dogs Do Not Understand Any Specific Language

Dogs only understand sounds, not any human. After hearing the word “sit” command over and over again, the dogs combine it in a certain manner and with some results and usually sit down when they hear the sound.

Dogs Do Not Understand Sentence

Maximum times dogs show response when people say, “Let’s go for a walk or walk”. It does not mean the dog realizes the full sentence rather it associates one-word “walk” only and shows a response.

Understand Body Language

A study of veterinary specialists (researchers) found that dogs can also understand human body language (gesture and posture) published in the journal PLOS ONE. In the study, dogs were given two servings of food of different sizes one big and one small. Most of the dogs naturally want to grab the larger serving. But once people respond positively to small portions, the dog can understand.

Tone Matters

Tone matters and you need not require any experiments. Observing causal dogs owners provide us with all the necessary evidence. Gently commanding the dog prevents a dog from doing what it is doing. Such as “Don’t do that”.

Understand Emotion

Dogs understand human emotion and are faith very much.

In the study, dogs have indicated pictures of people and different dogs looking either smiley or angry. The pictures were presented with sound effects of either smiley or angry. At the point when the sound effect coordinated with the feeling in the picture, the dogs spent a longer amount of time analyzing the outward expression in the picture.

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