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Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Beautiful Interior Design For Home | Modern Home Decorating Trends

by shaniulalam

Built-In Seating

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Be it a window-side perch with a great view or cozy reading niche, seating that’s built-in adds character to a room and can be an excellent space-saving technique. Fun architectural details like this are going to have a big moment in 2020.


Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Another architectural detail that’s burgeoning is the arch—specifically curved doorways and windows that channel Greece’s cave houses. The pared-down treatment is smooth and clean-lined without ornate detailing. Not ready to commit to structural changes at home? Give the trend a try with an arched wall mirror.

Antique Art

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

“Make 2020 the year you start or continue to grow your art collection. If any type of antique is making a comeback, its art, People love that it looks aged and that it has a story to it.”



Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Velvet may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s going to be steaming hot and trendy in 2020 and a combination of luxury and comfort. Velvet can be used for many purposes, especially for sofas. There are various colors of velvets like vibrant blues, pinks, reds, burnt orange, and shades.

Curved Furniture

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Curvy shapes are also taking the form of furniture. Upholstered pieces like sofas, divans, and occasional chairs are being imagined in undulating, and sometimes asymmetrical, designs that feel inspired by decor from the ’70s. In 2020, the round is the new right angle.

Color-Pop Cabinets

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

If you really want to leave behind all the white kitchen trends, choose for another 2020 home decor trend: colored cabinets.

According to the experts at Modiano Kitchens-

“The trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, like Kitchen Island, kitchen wall or base cabinets of various colors, like deep red, light yellow, greenish or deep blue.”

Modern Wood Paneling

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

While wood paneling doesn’t immediately bring to mind a modern home, it seems that sentiment is about to change. Done in a skinny, slatted style or applied at interesting angles, wood walls can actually feel fresh and unfussy. And no room is off-limits—especially bathrooms and kitchens, where wood paneling brings a warmth that’s unexpected and often lacking.

High-Contrast Decor

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

High-contrast designs are currently very popular, this means if you have always wanted to make your home black, now is the time to give it a whirl (in moderation, of course).

“For a long time, it was white, white, white, but now, for example, maybe we’d see a chair with black fabric and a white frame. Or a console table in dark stained wood with light-colored hardware.”

– Hammel

Cozy Fabrics

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Fortunately, for everyone who likes to make comfortable with a good book, Giannasio says –

“Instead of luxe grand velvet, we’ll see shearling, imperfect leathers, and soft textured mohairs.”

Kitchen Art

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

While you’re collecting those pieces of art, be sure to scout some in the kitchen.

“There’s always a focus on making the kitchen a room in the house and not a machine for cooking, That can be accomplished by hanging art in the kitchen, or using open shelves to display items that show off your personality” -Giannasio.

Concrete Bathroom

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

The easiest way to get the look is by using micro concrete, which allows you to create the effect of a full-depth concrete finish on top of existing walls and floors (think tough skim the coat). Applying it is not a DIY job, but there are lots of willing people out there to take away your money in exchange for making your bathroom look like it’s not quite finished.

Reporting Furniture

Beautiful Interior Design For Home

Design furniture is a major trend in interior design in 2020. We will see unique and ready-to-use furniture that spark conversations. A lounge chair or a couch can be the best alternative for a standard sofa. You can place the chairs around a table in the living room. This will make your home more spacious and more welcome.

Crittall Style Window and Door

Crittall-style windows have been staging a comeback and those dreamy black frames have been filling up our Pinterest pages for the last few months. But we are now seeing them used not just as windows and doors, but for extensions, room dividers and even shower screens. For the graphic look and fine way to bring light people to get obsessed easily.


Forget about statement walls, in 2020 we are going to be looking to the ceiling. Next time you have a repaint, rather than just the magnolia-blah you are used to, try painting the ceiling in a color that contrasts your walls. You could go even bolder and wallpaper your fourth wall. If you are working with a smaller room, trying to paint your ceiling the same color, despite what they say about light, this actually really works.


Metals are going to be all over the place in 2020. The few common metals used for interior designs are silver, gold, tin, and copper. Tin panels are the most popular metal used for kitchens. Silver and iron or silver and gold or silver and bronze will work well together. Balancing two or three metal can be the right choice for one room.


Geometric patterns have become so popular that we found this pattern anywhere, everywhere, the only problem in this pattern is its popularity that it’s about everything–cups, notebooks, wallpaper, couches, bedding, art, floors, light fixtures, and other decors. You can choose bold and vibrant geometric patterns keeping classic patterns with chairs and throws. Pick an area like, geometric bathroom floor tiles or thin-lined geometric wallpaper.


Floral wallpaper changes the contemporary trends to 2020. The floral wallpaper patterns of different sizes and colors are completely different from the old flowery wallpaper. The vibrant color like yellow and contrast pops the wall.

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