Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus is a broad group of viruses responsible for spreading a deadly disease. “COVID-19” is an infection of internal parts of the human body that can be affected by this virus, such as the lungs and airways. Coronavirus is seen in animals and rarely reaches humans from animals. And then coronavirus spread through one person to another. Coronavirus was first identified within the Chinese city of Wuhan.

More than any major disease, these viruses are generally responsible for common colds.

Some common signs of this symptom of this virus are fever, cough, runny rose, shortness of breath, and some more cases pneumonia, diarrhea, kidney failure, or even death.

However, the coronavirus is also behind some more acute prevalence. Coronavirus antibodies stay for a very short time frame. Also, antibodies for one type of coronavirus may not fight against other types.

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Coronavirus Severe Symptoms

Doctors are learning new things about the coronavirus day by day. To evolve it takes around 2 days to 2 weeks days after the disclosure for syndromes. Some symptoms of Coronavirus may include:

 – A new extended Cough (coughing for more than an hour)

– Trouble Breathing

– High Fever

– Kidney Failure

– Pneumonia

– Death

Coronavirus Common Symptoms

Coronavirus is much more deadly than seasonal flu. This coronavirus infection indication generally sets in about two to four days after infection. And it is generally very mild. COVID-19 indication differs from person to person. Some forms of coronavirus can be crucial. Some common symptoms may include:

 – Fever

– Diarrhea

– Cough

– Gastrointestinal issues

– Sneezing

– Shortness of Breath

– Runny Nose

– Extreme Fatigue

– Sore Throat

– Persistent Pain or pressure in the chest.

– A headache

– Muscle Aches

– Changing Smell & Taste

– Weakness

– Chills

– Chest Pain

Transmission of Coronavirus

Coronavirus first develops in animals before developing in humans. This virus is transmitted from an animal (mainly human) to an animal; close interaction with an infected animal carries the infection to humans. Once coronavirus attacks any human body, through respiratory beads the infections can be spread from one individual to another. This is a technical name for the wet thing that flies through the air. It is contagious because the virus becomes stronger when it attacks a human’s living cell.

Coronavirus can spread in mainly Human-to-Human transmission:

– Coughing and sneezing.

– Close personal contact with a person like touching or shaking hands.

– Making contact with a surface and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes before washing your hands.

– Public transport is a primary site of transmission COVID-19.

– Fecal contamination.

How to Prevent Coronavirus

Regular preventive activities will work to protect against the spread of infections of the virus. Those activities:

– Wash your hands regularly with warm water or use sanitizer for more than 20 seconds.

– Must use a tissue or anything else (to cover your mouth and nose when you hack or wheeze.

– Avoid contact with sick people, sick or dead animals, and also the animal market.

– Without cleaning your hands don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

– Don’t get close to anyone who has symptoms of this virus.

– If you have to go to the market, don’t touch anything that’s you don’t need.

– Don’t come to any visitors to your home, including loved ones

– Avoid going to events with large groups of people.

– If water and soap are not available, use a hand sanitizer gel containing sixty percent alcohol.

– Do not travel anywhere if you are sick.

 – If you feel debilitated with fever, hack or feel that it is difficult to breathe, go to your nearest doctor.

 – Try to don’t travel on public transport.

 – Avoid going to social activities for entertainment purposes, e.g. festivals, restaurants, pubs, theaters, and cinemas.

 – If you feel sick go for a medical checkup or stay home.

 – When you have to go out anywhere always wear a mask and other recommended if you are infected by coronaviruses.

 – Every time wash your hands properly when you get any work.

 – Maintain enough distance at least 4 feet from anyone.

 – Stay away from patients infected with the coronavirus.

 – Throw the tissue into a closed bin immediately after using that.

 – Avoid eating raw meat and eggs and also avoid contact with live wild.

 – Clean and sterilize frequently touched areas and objects.

Treatment of Coronavirus

Good thing is, there are vaccines available around the different countries of the world. However, truth is, no vaccine has yet been developed that is 100% effective. But hope something very good will be found very soon. Symptoms of a coronavirus typically leave all alone.


NameCountry & OrganizationEffectivenessYearDose
CovishieldEngland / Oxford–AstraZeneca60 – 8620212
Pfizer-BioNTechGermany / BioNTech70-9220212
Sinopharm-BBIBPChina / Sinovac Biotech78.1 – 9020212
ModernaAmerica / Moderna90 – 9420212
JanssenAmerica / Johnson & Johnson66.320211

If signs and symptoms sense worse than a familiar cold, contact your physician. He will recommend treatment for any signs and symptoms or complications that evolve.

You need to stay (home or anywhere else)in quarantine, away from people, until you’ve got revived. Treatments include self-care and medication. You should follow some rules, including:

 – Anyone with symptoms of coronavirus, should not go out from the living place for 14 days.

 – If you live or stay with patients or someone who has this virus symptoms for any reason, you should not go out of home for a minimum next 2 weeks.

 – Drinking enough water.

 – Breathing assistance, like mechanical ventilation.

 – For pain and fever, take acetaminophen.

 – Resting and avoiding overexertion.

 – Avoid smoking.

Some Facts of Coronavirus

– Any mask restricts its entrance because Coronavirus is big; the cell diameter is 400-500 micros.

 – The virus is not transferred via air. The virus does not stay in the air rather grounded.

 – Washing hands with cleanser or soap and use enough water because when Coronavirus drops on a metal surface, it will live around twelve hours.

 – Washing clothes properly or being uncovered in the sun for a minimum of two hours for killing the infections because when Coronavirus falls on the texture, it remains nine hours.

 – Putting an alcohol sterilizer in the pocket prevents the virus. Because it lives in the hands for ten minutes.

 – Drinking boiling water and sun exposure will work and avoiding ice cream and eating cold is a significant way to prevent it.

 – If the virus appears to have a temperature of 26-27° C or more, it will die on its own if the temperature is above 70° C, the reason is it does not live in hot areas.

 – Gargle with warm water and saltwater is a good way to kill the germs and prevent them from spilling into the lungs, and tonsils.

 – Attachment to these instructions satisfies the reason for forestalling viruses.

Some foods to get rid of the virus

– Black cumin

– Ginger

– Garlic

– Honey

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